Two new mechanics announced in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: New Gameplay Trailer

Capcom is more than a simple outlet for these titles, which as of July won’t be exclusive to Japan.

Great Ace Lawyer Records It arrives in July, so it was clear that Capcom He will reveal some details at his conference for E3 2021. The two titles in this group will be available For the first time outside JapanAnd since they are games with some years on their back, Capcom It gave them a second wind with new mechanics in their gameplay.

The set also includes all the DLC for both titles.The first of these additions was named conclusion dance. As the name suggests, it will be up to the player to investigate and conclude, but all with an interesting twist. While Herlock Schulmes, the detective with whom you will unite in all cases, reaches his own conclusions, your character (Ryunosuke Naruhodo) and his assistant )Susato Mikotoba) will gather more information and correct some loose ends for the investigator. The developers called this process a “dance” between the player and the herolock, and as long as you carefully analyze everything, you will successfully solve the case.

The second mechanic is called Summary checkand spoke directly in front of the jury. The six judges will come to their conclusions after you give your testimony, but the shift in this dynamic comes in the form of contradictions. If you can locate two people whose ideas are completely opposite, you can prove your case with the evidence you have collected. If you succeed, you will change the jury’s opinions and balance the final verdict in your favour.

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles incluye dos tĂ­tulos extraivos de Japon: The Great Ace Attorney Adventures y The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. The group makes the leap to the West with more than just toys: All downloadable content will be includedPlus, the narrative mode, which tells the whole story as a visual novel, is excellent for those who don’t want to break their heads with every situation!

The title will arrive on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 on July 27.

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