Two little brothers, 3 and 6 years old, took their parents’ car to go to the toy store.

Two brothers aged 3 and 6 had an idea that made a huge impact on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia where they live. Is that they decided to take the car from their parents without their knowledge and drive to the nearest toy store.

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In order to start the vehicle, a Toyota ViosAnd The older brother was responsible for controlling the steering wheel, and the younger for the pedals.

The story could end in tragedy, because as expected, although they were able to start the car and drive a certain distance, Finally, they end up colliding, although they didn’t get injured or anyone was run over.

Many drivers noticed the car while it was traveling on one of the lanes, as its movement was irregular, so many of them decided to follow it, Believing that whoever was behind the wheel took too much.

The brothers drove 2.5 kilometers.

from here, The two little brothers spread out for 2.5 km Until they lost control of the vehicle, according to what he reported CNN.

In the end, the children were rescued by the police, who went to the scene after the drivers warned of the collision. Miraculously, only the hood was damaged..

Two brothers, ages 3 and 6, drove their parents’ Twitter

According to the Langkawi Police Chief, The children escaped from the control of their mother, who had gone to the bathroomand her sleeping father who was horrified for their lives when they found out what happened, just because they went to buy a toy car.

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Although the authorities have not issued any official statement yet, Parents of minors can be punished Because Malaysian law punishes those who allow minors to drive on public roads.

The brothers wanted to go to a toy store.

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