Twitter is trying to include a “Don’t Like” button in the social network

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The new experience Twitter consists of implementing the ability to vote, or rather mark, “Don’t like” a tweet posted on the social network, a feature that some lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you see it) users are able to use in the iOS version of the app.

In fact, Twitter is testing not one but two different versions of interacting with tweets using “like” or “dislike”. One of them with a thumb up and a thumb down. The other one, with an up arrow and a down arrow, is the same way it’s used in Reddit, something this other platform uses تستخدم did not forget.

According to Twitter, the idea of ​​this is not to mark something as negative, or simply dislike it, but rather to test it “as a way to understand what kind of responses you consider relevant in the conversation, in order to work on showing you more of that type of answer”.

“Dislikes” are not displayed publicly, while “Likes” will be displayed as normal, and everyone can see them.

At the moment, there’s no further detail on how this will affect the content you can see on your Twitter timeline, although they say “it does not affect the status of replies to tweets”, at least for now. On the other hand, many have expressed concern that this function can be abused in a negative or toxic way, which, unfortunately, is common in the social network and Twitter has not yet done enough to prevent or fix it. [via[vía[عبر[víaTwitter]

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