TV, podcast, entertainment… for dogs!

Dog TV channels and podcasts can be beneficial for those who spend a lot of time alone, according to experts.

There are more and more options to keep dogs entertained at home, such as podcasts and TV channels dedicated to dogs.

Any tool that motivates and entertains them can help reduce stress and keep them happy and healthy, says Jacqueline Boyd, professor of zoology at Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

Find out how dogs can entertain themselves at home.


Boyd explains that dogs sometimes sit with their parents watching TV: Their gaze follows the characters and barks at the screen, but they’re more excited to spend time with loved ones than to catch up on their favorite show, Boyd explains.

“They are more likely to perceive that we are sitting and relaxing when the TV is on, so this association may be useful for motivating them to calm down even when we are not there,” he says.

Channels like DOGTV broadcast programs 24 hours a day to accompany dogs when they are alone at home. Other options are Happy Dog TV and programs on streaming services, such as Doggy TV, a “reality show”.

It is designed to stimulate and relax pets. Adapts to your senses of sight and hearing. That’s why there are special color schemes, camera angles, and sounds for dogs.

Do dogs watch TV?

Dogs perceive colors differently from people: they see the world in darker colors and can detect contrast better under dim light.
They are able to detect motion on screens and there are reports of individuals interacting with moving objects on television screens.
They respond to pictures and can even use touchscreen devices after they’ve been trained, but it’s hard to tell if they understand what they’re seeing, Boyd says.
According to a 2013 study published in Animal Behaviour, they can visually identify other dogs on screen.

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This is how the world sees
The first image represents people’s vision, while the second image represents how dogs see them.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) simulated canine vision using the Dog Vision image processing tool.

Podcasts and music

Human voices stimulate pets, too, which is why “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast,” a series of podcasts designed to calm and reassure dogs, was launched.

It’s an auditory experience that combines praise, stories, original music, and ambient sound to mask outside noises, such as traffic or doors opening and closing.

Episodes are created based on scientific studies. York University psychologist Alex Benjamin contributed to this podcast after publishing a study in Animal Perception on how sounds stimulate animal behavior.

Spotify allows you to create playlists for pets according to their personality and types. One survey found that 71 percent of participating guardians play music to their pets.

Do you listen to podcasts?

Dogs have very sensitive ears, so much so that it is common for them to orient themselves away from sounds. They tend to turn their heads toward the sources of the sound. For example, when they are talking to them, Boyd points out.
Certain sounds and frequencies excite or calm them. A call or other sound on a show or poster can get them excited.
Turning on TV or radio, playing music or podcasting gives the impression that life is normal and that someone else is at home, a situation that can calm down.
They may also become insensitive to sounds that might frighten them.

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What do you do?

Ideally, according to Benjamin, dogs should be left alone for short periods of time. A pet that receives physical and mental stimulation tends to be happier and behave better.

Their enjoyment of a healthy life also depends on taking care of their diet and exercise, as well as living with their teachers. Before leaving the house, Boyd suggests taking a walk to calm the pets.

He also recommends creating safe and quiet spaces for them, as well as giving them interactive toys, which are toys that they must manipulate for rewards or food.

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