Tucumana MD and Paediatrics specialist Sandra Terrado will hold the previous position at Vizzotti

The current national official explained that this new responsibility is assumed in the context of the pandemic.


Tucumana Lawmaker Sandra Terrado will hold the Health Access Trust for the nation. Elected by the nation’s new health minister, Carla Vizotti, who previously held the position and took the place of Guinness Gonzalez Garcia After the controversy over the vaccination of dignitaries and the subsequent request of the nation’s president, Alberto Fernandez.

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Terrado is a provincial legislator for the Official List, a physician in medicine and a pediatrician trained at Tucuman National University. She worked as Minister of Childhood, Adolescence and Family at the Ministry of Social Development and prior to that held the position of Executive Medical Secretary for the Regional Health System (SIPROSA).

“Today I have to take over this secretary and it is a challenge in this case we are in a pandemic, where we have to continue to take better measures to continue caring for the population suffering from this situation.” The new national official said after being received by Governor Juan Manzour this morning, “I hope to do I do my best for the county and the country. “

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