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Since he was in college, Minotti started working to pay for his studies, and worked with one of his professors to start a new company in 1998, Softway.

“Basically we developed systems for anything, when the company needed to contact us, we analyzed and then developed a system and implemented it. We stayed that way until we found our place: foreign trade technology,” he recalls. Minute.

The city of Campinas, where he was born Minute and evolution Softwayit has important elements, such as the presence of several schools where technology is taught, which allows a significant development in this matter, and the other is that it has one of the largest airports in Latin America.

“At least for merchandise, foreign trade, thanks to this we focused on Company Profile“.

Brazil at that time was open to the world, began to analyze export opportunities and at the same time received technology. “with this globalization trend And the opening of our company, which will be like a start, began to grow. This history lasted 15 years, supporting more than a thousand companies, as well as developing business in other countries. It was in 2013 that Thomson Reuters bought from Softwaywith the vision of foreign trade solutions”, joint Minute.

The next stage was the merger into a company that has a presence in more than 100 countries, with more than 100 years. “It’s an incredible multinational, and I’m very proud that one of the parts we develop the most, especially here in Mexico, is foreign trade technology, as well as tax and legal. We had 400 people at Softway, and many of us are still working in it now. Thomson Reuters“.

This company is following big company From tax, legal, legal and foreign trade. We also support law firms with technology and solutions as well as accounting firms. At the moment, about 22,000 people around the world work for Thomson Reuters, and we are in Mexico because it is one of the most important countries for us in terms of investment“.

You have the opportunity now Thomson Reuters In Mexico on digital transformation and foreign trade, as well as with the tax part, is part of the reason Minotti Franceschini Our CEO. The pandemic has undoubtedly been decisive, as well as the number of North American companies operating here that we need to support. On the other hand, there is the Mexican talent, given the degree of academic training, capabilities and adaptability, this has given us guidelines to make a very important investment since last year.”

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In 2020 they worked in Thomson Reuters-Mexico About 200 people, a year later there were 750 people. “To support our clients in Mexico as well as in the Shared Services Center that supports all the other countries in America. This year we have planned for two hundred new jobs. mexican staffBy the end of the year we will reach nearly a thousand people.”

To support all this growth, a new office opened on Paseo de la Reforma last November, in addition to the offices already on the Avenida de las Palmas. “We are very close to the SAT building, and I think it suits us well, with a design that is in keeping with these pandemic times, and more collaborative as well. In Mexico they came first. Reuters Several years ago, in the commercial segment in 2012, we purchased a company of tax professionals, which gave us a greater presence.”


He told us that innovation has accelerated in the past two years without any doubt of the need to adapt in all sectors Minute. “These have been the most important issues for all businesses, and they have certainly been for us. In the case of taxation, a massive shift is taking place, since the creation of electronic invoices a few years ago, resulting in efficient collection and auditing, allowing the government to have all the Invoice information which allows for multiple audits”.

This is why companies must be prepared, adapt, and so on Thomson Reuters andIt is working hard in one of its fields to support this new tax system.

“This groups In line with reality, this is very important, because this region has changed so much in such a short time, to give an example, the 2022 financial package is one of the greatest ever. There is a change in the system, a change in taxes, and the goal is to reduce informality.”

This is amazing digital transformation It’s more than accelerating and will continue to be that way for the next three to five years. In addition, a digital transformation is taking place for lawyers, both for companies and for corporate legal departments. There is a lot to do, especially since they deal with so many documents and processes, that there is so much to do. I think the pandemic is accelerating that shift because law firms have had to maintain their level of service in a very different way than we are all used to.”

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a Minute He finds it interesting that before the pandemic, law firms made significant investments in their offices, and now they are investing in technology. “Now customers and businesses want the same level of service in terms of legal quality but with shorter service times, with availability, and all this is only possible through technology adoption and support.”

We have several studies We’re doing it globally, where the companies that have grown in income in the past two years are the ones that have more than doubled their investment in technology.”

So, keep in mind MinuteInvesting in technology immediately leads to growth. “Here in Mexico, we also had issues like getting help from external sourcesAccelerate acquisitions and create opportunities for law firms. And what we’re seeing is that the offices didn’t necessarily get more clients, but they did provide more services to the clients that they already had. This is where we support them, since the legal part of Thomson Reuters Globally, it is the bulk of the business, accounting for nearly 50% of our income,” he said.

Among the investments Thomson Reuters that were made in Mexico served as the platform to support every part of the collaboration between the offices and their clients, as well as other parts for the collaborators in the same office. “We’re bringing contract foundation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, where there’s a lot to do.”

At this time, the trade agreement signed by Canada, the United States, and Mexico allows for stronger and more consistent growth for the following years. Minotti Franceschini.

Together, these three countries have one of the highest growth potentials in the world. This is represented in Mexico great opportunity, Of course there are a lot of internal matters to take care of, but we who are here can confirm that,” he commented.

Before the pandemic, companies did many manufacturing things in China, and in different Asian countries, but pandemic Minotti considered it to have caused profound changes. “The matter of chains supplyThe ChipsAfter making this change, companies are now looking, in some cases to reduce risks, to make manufacturing operations in other parts of the world. Two large markets come together here in Canada and the United States, where proximity and logistical advantages are causing companies to turn to Mexico for manufacturing.”

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Taking into account the MinuteThis is a great opportunity, and that’s why Thomson Reuters pYou can count on it with the investment you’ve been making for a year. “Our project is not short term, for us Mexico is already one of the most important economies in the world and can grow a lot, so we are preparing ourselves to support this growth, not just for our clients. We believe we can contribute a lot to this country, this is an opportunity we have as an organization.”

Finally, Minotti Franceschini He considers that the pandemic has left us with very positive things, especially the teachings for all. “The digital transformation that happened in the last two years could have happened in five or seven years, and that saves us many things, like remote work, it gave quality of life to a lot of people; it also led companies to an unprecedented adaptation, it changed our To give each one what they need.Above all, I would like to stress that this pandemic has made us understand that we are all one, if a country does not do its job to vaccinate its people, it affects us all.

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