Trudeau says his priority is not to secede from the constitutional monarchy

This content was posted on March 09, 2021 – 20:55

Toronto (Canada), March 9th (EFE). – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday that he does not believe that discussing the constitutional model and seceding from the monarchy is one of Canada’s priorities after the controversy caused by meeting the Dukes. Sussex, Harry and Megan with Oprah Winfrey on American TV.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Elizabeth of England, and is represented by the Governor General, who is appointed by the Canadian Prime Minister with the formal approval of the King.

Today, Trudeau said at a press conference that he wished “all of the royals the best,” but indicated that he was focusing on “overcoming this pandemic.”

At the insistence of the media, Trudeau added, “If people want to talk about constitutional changes and change our system of government, nothing will happen. They can have those conversations. But right now, I’m not having these talks.”

Trudeau also indicated that he did not want to comment on accusations of racism made by Megan during the interview, but the Canadian Prime Minister indicated that he would personally fight “to continue the fight every day against racism and intolerance in Canada.”

To do so, Trudeau added, “The answer is not to abruptly remove all institutions and start over. The answer is to look very carefully at those regulations and listen to Canadians facing discrimination.”

A poll published on March 1 showed that support for the monarchy in Canada is at its lowest level in the past 12 years.

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The poll, conducted by online company Resarch, indicated that 45% of Canadians consulted would prefer to have a head of state elected at the polls, which is 13 percentage points higher than last year.

The poll came shortly after Canadian Governor-General Julie Payette, a former astronaut whom Trudeau appointed to the position in 2017, was forced to resign after a workplace harassment scandal against her employees.

Of the four major parties in the Canadian Parliament, two of them, the Sovereign Block Party of Quebec (BQ) and the New Social Democratic Party (NPD), are clearly opposed to the monarchy while Trudeau’s ruling liberal Party (PL) and the Conservative Party (PC) defend the current constitutional order.

But any change to the Canadian constitution is complicated because it needs the approval of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and each of the ten provinces that make up the country. EFE

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