Troubles in Canada’s Conservative Party over abortion debate in the US | In the final stage of its leader’s election, the fight for the IVE in the neighboring country caused storms in the Canadian right

sThe Canadian Conservative Party (CCP) has ordered its deputies to refrain from commenting on the US Supreme Court draft. It was liquidated in the last hours and that Can nullify the protection of the right to abortion.

It comes from Candice Bergen, interim leader of the Palestinian Communist Party, to all her deputies when Canada’s main opposition party to elect new leader The more socially conservative sectors denounced the exclusion of anti-abortion candidates from the campaign.

In a brief memo sent Tuesday to 119 members of the Chinese Communist Party, Bergen said that “conservatives will not comment on the leaked draft to the United States Supreme Court.”

The right to abortion is a controversial topic among Canadian conservatives especially because of Since 1988in Canada It is legal to terminate a pregnancy at any time during pregnancy.

That year, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the law banning abortion except in extreme cases where the mother’s health was at risk.

since then, No party has submitted a bill regulating the practice of abortion in the countryincluding conservatives, l Avoid alienating part of the electorate.

During the last election campaign in 2021, leaders of the major federal parties, including then-CPC leader Irene O’Toole, were in favor of women’s right to decide.

O’Toole’s stance caused unease among the most conservative sections of the party and was one of the reasons for his downfall in February of this year.

Yesterday, the Palestinian National Council announced the list of six candidates to lead the party. After publishing the names, Three socially conservative politicians opposed to abortion denounced their exclusion because of their opposition to the right to decide..

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One of the disqualified candidates, Jacques Fonseca, told Canadian public radio, CBC, that excluding anti-abortion politicians clearly is a purge that will push many voters to other parties such as the radical People’s Party, which in February backed the occupation of Ottawa by the anti-vaccine movement.

Also this Tuesday, Quebec block He announced that he would submit an application in the Canadian Parliament to Reaffirming support for women’s right to choose in Canadawhich could put the Conservatives in an awkward position and would have to vote for or against the proposal.

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