Trip to Madrid and report to justice

“By the way, of course, take the opportunity to walk around and stay in one of the more expensive hotels,” The driver confirmed that the cost of a night at that facility “leaves more than a hundred lucas per night”.

In an ironic tone, the anti-Buenos Aires legislator considered “the defender of the poor” and that members of the national government “fill their mouths with talk of the poor.”

In the face of this accusation, Fernandez launched two posts on his Twitter account to inform that he will file a complaint with the justice: “Viviana Canosa confirmed that I received 250 thousand euros from the Argentine government to travel to a conference in Spain. This is an insult that exceeds with you raises the level of real malice. Expenses were covered by Before those who invited me, not in that hotel. I will file a lawsuit.”

“Later he complains that they applaud me, but if he is bothered by what I say too much, he should discuss it without lying pathetically,” he said. “They consider me an inappropriate idiot but they spend a lot of time with me. They must have outgrown the chlorine dioxide.”

During her presentation in Madrid, the official claimed that she was “the target of constant attacks” by opponents: “ In my country, I am a constant target of attacks, threats, and operations in these sectors, so I am clear about that, and at the risk of being self-referential, I will use myself as an example. I am a legislator in a local legislature. I’m a 21-year-old and it seems, at times, that I’m the president of the nation because I take to Twitter every week.”

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