Tricolores, figures from the South American Basketball Clubs Association

Confirm the participation of two schools Ecuadorians In the South American Club League feminine It had repercussions in the Federation of South America.

Bold OctobrinoThe National League champions achieved their classification after winning the title in January.

Club Victoria CougarulRunner-up in Ecuadorian LeagueHe was invited to participate in the most important club tournament after the retirement of Defensor Sporting from Uruguay.

Odaz Octobrino will play in Group Two against Amazonas (Venezuela) on March 18th in Medellin, Colombia; With Carl AZ (Bolivia), at nineteen; And Leonas Ender (Colombia) at 20.

For Group C, Victoria FC will mediate with Perazatgi (Argentina) on 25 March. The next day he will be measured with Quimsa (Argentina); And on the twenty-seventh day with Lyonas (Paraguay).

According to the South American Club League official website, this new edition will allow players to see the players on the ground again who showed off their talent in 2019 and raised a standing ovation among those present.

In that list of nine notable players, two Ecuadoreans appear: Marjorie Caicedo s Doris Lasso.

Caicedo Played in 2019 with Leonas de Riobamba. This time he will do it with Audaz Octubrino de Machala. Among the chosen national team, the press release highlights “the dedication to defense and the balance they achieve when on the ground are two intangible factors that always make a difference.”

Understanding the role he must face, he made his contribution in 2019, and certainly could be one of the pillars of the Ecuadorian team in the edition, which will start next March. Marjorie Caicedo, of Emerald, 30 years old and 1.80 meters tall, is one of the hottest players at Basketball National.

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With the Ecuadorian national team, he won the gold medal at the 2013 Bolivarian Games in Trujillo, Peru, marking a milestone for the sport. He also formed the team that played the FIBA ​​Americas Pre-Olympic in Canada in 2015.

At club level, she was the champion of the National League with UTE, Leonas and Audaz Octubrino; She has also been voted Best Player (MPV) on several occasions.

In 2016, he was associated with a foreign club for the first time. He played in the Argentine League with Perazatigi and then went to Club Opras Sanitarias in 2018.

“Being outside your country helps you to continue growing,” he said at the time, adding, “My dream is to contribute to basketball in Esmeralda and the country,” because he confirms that there is a lot of talent. This is why his dream is to establish a basketball school in his home province.

Doris Lasso Effective
Doris Laso from DC, daughter of former football player Servando Laso from America, played the 2019 South American League with Lombs from Ambato.

“The Ecuadorian base was there to play the foreign Trident and they did a good job. Despite its classic intensity, the designer managed to balance her numbers, and above all, none of the three foreigners felt dissatisfied in the attack,” the team page posted about the player. South American Federation.

Doris Lasso from Quito has a wealth of experience. He played in the National League of Ecuador and Argentina. Photos: Fibaamericas

He adds that “in the Final Four (the last round at home in the South American League) he gave 7.5 points and 3.8 rebounds and the same number of passes, almost without leaving the pitch,” due to his efficiency on the field.

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Doris Lasso He started playing basketball at the age of nine when he accompanied his older sister Victoria to train.
At the age of fourteen, he played his first National Basketball League with Santa Maria de Macala. With this club he has five club appearances. One year he shared Cosmos.

He has been a part of the national team since he was 15 years old. He played South America in Paraguay and then the South American 2009 Games in Santiago de Chile.

At the 2013 Bolivarian Games, she was crowned champion with the first team. He was in South America staying in Ambato in 2014, Ecuador taking fifth place, the position he was allowed to play replays and qualify later Americas Championship in Canada.

In 2017 and 2018 he was at Atletico Chemsa de Santiago del Estero, who played in the Argentine National League. With this pentagram he won the Apertura Championship. The following year, the team reached the semi-finals.

That was one of my last experiences Doris Well, for two years the National League was not held in Ecuador. At the end of 2020, activity had just resumed and he was a finalist with FC Victoria.

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