Tremble, Netflix! Televisa and Univisión unite for a new broadcasting platform

Televisa It has always been the great creative company in Mexico. Over the years, the series he developed have become world classics of the genre. Likewise, the network could raise or lower an actor’s career in a short time, and the connections made within it were essential to securing jobs in series, commercials, and movies. Of course, being televised, there have always been many challenges to overcome. The arrival of accessible cable prices has led to an increase in the purchase of foreign chains time and time again. Also, when the United States experienced a new golden age in television with titles such as Lost Oh bad breaking 100%, Televisa has struggled to create its own series in a similar format.

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Although the company is still afloat, it now does so primarily through magazines and news programs, while TV series have lost track, because they reproduced more of the original stories. with arrival Netflix Things get even more complicated, as the streaming service offers series of all kinds from all over the world, and while they started creating original products made in Mexico, there were opportunities Televisa significantly decreased.

The arrival of other platforms and the fact that actors such as Eugenio Derbez, Omar Chaparo and Martha Hegarida are now working on their projects, has left a scene of drought for the TV station. Now the actors Azteca TV Based on Televisa They are constantly changing from one brand to another, and it was not like before that they officially and ruthlessly represented the TV station that they were a part of.

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This does not mean that Televisa Give up. The company has been looking for ways to rise again, and merging with other channels appears to be key to its strategy. as ForbesIt was just announced that Federal Institute of Communications (ITF) He gave permission for Televisa to merge with Univisionis an American television network with Spanish-language content founded in 1962.

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The official report indicated that this union was allowed because it does not represent a problem for the country’s competitive and monopoly laws. The statement explains:

Anticompetitive effects from the operation are not expected in these overlapping activities of Univision Holdings and Grupo Televisa, due in large part to the marginal involvement of Univision Holdings in Mexico.

Likewise, it has been confirmed Televisa You will retain ownership of your communications and broadcasting privileges. The company will also be able to maintain and manage other internal businesses such as its publishing houses, its operations with football teams, stadiums, telephone, internet and games of chance. Do not forget that this step is natural, because the two television stations have been in partnership for years; The idea here is to create a new, renewable chain that is competitive enough.

Univision For years it has become a mandatory reference for the Latin audience in the United States. His programs eventually reached Mexico, so this union will appeal to audiences of both countries with common tastes. The benefit will also be that instead of buying and renewing licenses to show series and series made in TelevisaYou can now create new products that reach all that audience. In recent years, it has become clear that Televisa It stands out in large part due to game shows and reality shows, so we can expect more such shows in the near future. An indispensable movement of the series will be the creation of new characters that represent them; That is, the reporters, actors, and creators who come from here and are recognized for their alliance with them TelevisaAs it was in the good years.

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