Treasury Secretary: The United States is the “best place” for money laundering

Although the Small countries are often seen as paradise Safe places Concealment or money laundering Huge amounts of illegal money In the American financial system, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen denounced this Thursday.

“It is reasonable to believe that today, Best place to hide and launder money fraudulently obtained, in fact, United StateYellen said during the democracy summit organized by the US government.

Switzerland or the Cayman Islands have long been the focus of the authorities In search of hidden money. But illegally obtained money is not only sent to “countries with a history of flexible or opaque financial laws,”pass or terminate in our markets”He said while defending the anti-corruption strategy promoted by the Joe Biden government.

There are a lot of dark financial spots in America that harbor corruption.

Among other things, he noted that many North American countries allow companies to set up without having to know who the real owners are.

what’s more”Many corrupt people can hide their money in the skyscrapers of Miami or Central Park,” Yellen said, calling them “the 81st floor automatic money washers.”

He noted that this “financial alchemy affects our free and fair institutions.”

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