Traveling to the United States: How often can you enter the United States on a tourist visa?

New York, Florida and California are on the list of states most visited by foreign tourists. Sometimes travelers choose to take tours of different entities with the goal of learning about North American culture from Hollywood Boulevard to Times Square.

However, one frequently asked question is: How often can I enter the US on a tourist visa? The truth is that although consular authorities do not set a limit on visits, frequent stays or trips can alert the United States.

If you travel frequently to the United States, here is some information you should know:

A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States.: Many people consider the mere possession of an authorized tourist visa sufficient reason to be able to move freely around the country. forged. every time you arrive United States of AmericaYou will have to pass through the immigration area and the officer will decide whether or not you can enter and for how long.

You must prove that you do not want to stay to work or live in the United States: Each time you travel to the United States for an immigration briefing interview, you must provide details of your stay (hotel), as well as round-trip airline tickets proving that your stay is indeed temporary. If the authorities are suspicious of what you say, they may deny you access.

Authorized time to stay in the United StatesFor frequent travel to the United States, immigration officials always grant up to six months (180 days) of time on a tourist visa. If you have proposed a stay of a week or two, you can enjoy this privilege, although staying in the country is not mandatory. Even if the stamp says you can stay for six months, you leave the country and want to re-enter, you must go to the immigration interview again at the respective airport or pedestrian crossing entry filters.

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If you visit the United States very frequentlyIt doesn’t matter if you travel once or twice a month to the US on a tourist visa, as long as you can verify that your trips are for tourism, business, and even a family visit. If you are suspected of doing business or working irregularly in the United States, you may experience problems with the validity of your visa, as it could have been used for an inappropriate purpose.

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