Translate The Elder Scrolls online to Spanish! Bethesda RPG Finally Fulfills Fans’ Wishes

3DJuegos was able to chat with a TESO manager about the much-anticipated translation into Spanish.

Practically all the news is dedicated to the eminent The Sheikh’s Manuscripts Online They receive the same kind of comments: When is a Spanish translation due? Well, to the delight of many, the team at Zenimax Online and Bethesda has finally confirmed that the great MMORPG will feature Spanish-language scripts; The reason 3DJuegos chatted with their creative director, Rich Lambert, who was thrilled with the news.

“We have been watching how Spanish society has grown over the years and have received their opinions loud and clear,” he said in an official statement. “We are very excited to finally offer the Spanish translation,” he adds. How long has this possibility been studied? The creativity behind TESO tells 3DJuegos that this was long process It made more sense when they found out that the Russian translation was a success.

We have received the views of the Spanish community loud and clearRich Lambert“We’ve been thinking about translation for a long time,” says 3Djuegos Creative Design. “The Russian language was our first experience to see how it works.” After verifying its success, we began looking for other languages. To the delight of Spanish-speaking fans, the Spanish language was chosen, but still We’ll have to wait a season To receive this long-awaited translation. “It takes time to create content, and it takes time to translate things. So we’ve been working on that for some time.” It won’t be until a date has not yet been set mid 2022 When it is official, with other languages ​​such as French, Japanese, German or Russian.

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At 3DJuegos, we also take the opportunity to inquire about him Possible dubbing into Spanish, but this option seems far-fetched. “We talked about it for sure, but giving a voice to everything we recorded so far at the time we wanted was not possible. So we chose the script exclusively, in this way we can get the Spanish community to be able to play as soon as possible” says Rich Lambert. And not less. Without taking into account the hundreds of textbooks that you can find in the world of Tamriel, at ESO There are approximately 200,000 lines of text to translateAccording to the creator’s estimates, which confirms that it is an estimate.

During these special years ESO . community Work on an unofficial translation that can be downloaded from Cervantesso. The presence of Bethesda’s work will now allow fans of the world of The Elder Scrolls to enjoy all its new content in perfect Spanish from day one. what about them? Lambert maintains the mystery, but stresses that he doubts people anticipate what’s to come.

The final chapter of ESO led us to face Daedra through the portals of Oblivion, which was a blow to nostalgia for fans of this RPG saga as we tell you on our site TESO Blackwood Analysis. In addition to these lands in the past, we have already visited other emblematic places such as Skyrim or Morrowind. What other destinations await us in this online adventure?

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