Transisthmian Train will blow up Mexico’s development: CMN

Mexico City /

Transisthmian Train ProjectIt will be a catalyst for the country’s economic development said the president of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), Antonio del Valle Peruchina, over the next 30 years.

While participating in Summit Expansion 2022Grupo President Kaluz also emphasized that you not only have to see it from the side of the train going from one side to the other, but from everyone What does this shift mean in your environment.

“We have to focus on strengthening the Southeast, because the growth potential of the country is in that region, I have always said that the Transístmico project is the most important of all, (…) it will be a catalyst for development over the next thirty years and you have to understand it as a public infrastructure project It is not just a train that travels from one place to another.”

“We’re talking about pIndustrial arches, ports, highways, airports, The businessman explained that there is no doubt that they will give dynamism to that region which is essential which is a legacy and a historical commitment with the Mexicans because it makes sense to connect southern Mexico with the eastern United States.”

on me Transferring factories from China to North America To be close to consumers, a phenomenon known as RoundingFor Mexicans, del Valle Peruchina said it is an opportunity to seize.

“For Americans, China is a concern, and for us Mexicans, it’s an opportunity, because moving production in China coming into the region is important and a lot of it comes to Mexico but also the United States and Canada,” he explained. .


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