Tragedy in Brazil: a teacher wanted to take a selfie, and he fell off the cliff and died

A preschooler from Brazil, Solian Luisa, died while trying to take a selfie on some rocks at Penha Beach in the northern state of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

According to local media, the young woman fell about 5 meters after losing her balance.

Rescuers at the beach and a group of firefighters managed to get the young woman out of the water using a helicopter, although the strong winds and the difficult location complicated the rescue measures.

The 28-year-old suffered drowning in sixth grade, which is the most dangerous of all. Therefore, she did not have any vital signs at the time of evaluation.

The rescue team managed to revive her for a few minutes. However, Louisa suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest that ended in her life.

The young woman worked as a kindergarten teacher, who mourned the death by posting on her personal Instagram account: “Saul was an exemplary teacher, dedicated, supportive, and very much loved. He charmed with joy and lit up with his light.”

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