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A few years ago, people started to realize how genetically modified genes cause us disease, particularly in Argentina, which is the second country in the world in terms of genetically modified crops and pesticide pollution.
Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, people are beginning to learn more about how food makes us sick. There is a greater tendency to choose organic foods, and to try to make them cheaper by putting the producer and the consumer in direct contact.
There is so much awareness of how GMOs are causing a massive increase in the use of pesticides, they are making us sick.
Patients tend to worry about what they eat and look for sustainable food.

Sustainable foods that have been grown in an ecological way with all the efforts they mean to a product will pay off their benefits, they will be worth it, because genetically modified fruits or vegetables fill us with pollutants and lead to malnutrition for us, because with As over the years, the soil has been stripped of its true composition and is therefore polluted.
Pesticides such as glyphosate, on the other hand, have been found to lack nutrients at the bottom of the Paraná River due to the destruction of soybean monoculture in a way so excessive, that the wet pampas turned into dry. Bamba. With soil changes caused by clay, in floods.
This, in turn, has led to an even greater erosion of the nutrients that the earth must contain so that the essential nutrients from minerals and vitamins that fruits and vegetables must provide can reach our bodies.
We know from analyzes of fruits and vegetables that they lack much more essential nutrients than they were 40 or 50 years ago. Therefore, comparing today with a truly ecological product, it makes the nutrition that reaches our bodies mainly in terms of vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids much higher.

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Within the framework of the education that is given to the population to improve their nutritional level, mainly lower carbohydrate and higher fat are imposed, i.e. lower carbohydrate and higher good fat.
By reducing carbohydrates we invite you not to eat canned foods, which are always based on cookies, soda, pasta, which contain first refined carbohydrates, wheat flour and its products also from celiac products such as rice flour, potatoes, corn or cassava that remain refined completely.
This has to do with diabetes, obesity epidemic and atherosclerosis.
On the other hand, the fact that a person buys prepackaged or prepackaged products will help him to get the knowledge on his label, because if their content is categorized perfectly well, he will be able to distinguish what is a synthetic hydrate such as maltodextrin, which is always included in a syrup High fructose corn, in flavorings and preservatives, is in any food whether it’s salty like sausages or sweet like crackers or sodas.
That the products have differentiation in the labels and that the consumer is literate in knowing how to read them, will cooperate with his health, but in any case it is always better to buy unpackaged foods: fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and dried fruit, so that we can clearly see the real food with the nutrition that the suppliers achieve on best, and that by not packing it gives us maximum reliability, in any case, it is a matter of informing us of the fair handling of processed foods that is a helper, a helper, a benefactor.

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Dr. Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Zia
UBA Clinical Endocrinologist (MN 70.787)

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