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When talking about the economy Tony CostaGossip said that his then partner, Adamari LopezIt was he who kept it. However, after they are no longer together, the dancer has shown that he is always reinventing himself to generate more income.

more information: This was the 7-year party for Ala, the daughter of Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa

Meet the Puerto Rican driver When they were dancing partners in a reality show. In 2011 they started a relationship and a few years later got engaged and had their daughter Alia.

for this part, He participated in “Yes you can”.where the winner became more than 11 other participants.

The work he does

Tony Costa has proven to be a great businessman. Since he was 15, he has been supporting himself Now that she has given birth to his daughter, he seeks to give her the best.

Even during his relationship with Adamari, he kept a busy career schedule. at the moment, Dedicated to providing Zumba lessons that have become so popular. Not only that, he also made extensive tours through various cities in the United States, completely selling out tickets.

Grateful for the work I have to bring health, happiness, and dance from the hand of Zumba to the people who have decided to invest their time and money in coming to my classes. I will keep the city with respect. Thanks for the love and support.Via his Instagram account.

He shared some of his routines on his YouTube channel, which had a With the aim of raising awareness of the breast cancer his ex-wife suffered from. When he realized his classes were a success, he knew how to take advantage of the opportunity and offer exclusive sessions virtually, paying a small subscription.

Don’t just dance

In addition to dancing and aerobics, The 38-year-old actor joined a giant hair and skin care company.. This company operates in a similar way to models like Mary Kay.

Every morning since I joined Monat, I wake up and I continue to give digital business opportunities to all the people who trust me who want to change their lives and above all move forward. You lose nothing, because you can have everything you set your mind to. Take advantage of this unique opportunity because I assure you that if you work it will change your life, oh and all from your home‘, he confirmed.

The business consists of annual memberships that give discounts on products, as well as commission earnings from the products you sell. All this is done from the comfort of your home, using your cell phone or computer.

How much does TONI COSTA earn?

According to the famous Christmas portal, His net worth is $1.5 million, But there are no other details about his fortune.

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