Tom Holland Leaves Peter Parker After Spider-Man: No Way Home

A few weeks after the premiere of the movie Spider-Man: No way home, some questions began to arise about the franchise but also about the participation of Tom Holland Inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Historically, many key players in marvel They leave the role, or at least stop making individual films for the character. Iron Man had his own trilogy, Captain America too. Thor will be the first time four feature films centered around superheroes will be presented.

With Spider-Man: No Way Home, the character trilogy will be completed and, accordingly, questions about Tom Holland’s future in the Marvel Universe.

The answer was given by the actor himself as part of an interview he gave magazine GQ in the United States.

Tom Holland: The future of Spider-Man may be Miles Morales, after not coming home

“Maybe it’s time to turn the page. Maybe the best thing about Spider-Man is that they’re making a movie with Miles Morales. I have to keep Peter Parker in mind because it’s such an important part of my life, but if I keep playing the character after turning 30, I’ve done Something is wrong,” Tom Holland explained during the interview.

Aimee Pascal, the former Sony boss and current producer of the Spider-Man films, doesn’t think the same. “I spoke to him about making 100 more films, and I wouldn’t make films for the character without him,” he said during the same report he gave to the actor.

But the truth is that Tom Holland’s contract with Sony/Marvel to play Peter Parker expires after the premiere Spider-Man: No way home. In fact, the actor has stated in the past that he sees the movie as the end of a franchise.

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James Bond in the future of the actor?

It seems that ambitions Tom Holland about their future James Bond. Who is Jacob Batalon playing? Ned Leeds, the inseparable friend of Peter Parker, comments that his partner’s ambitions center on the British spy.

“He talks a lot about being James Bond, a lot, a lot,” the actor explains in the report. Holland is also working on a new script with his brother Harry. For her part, Aimee Pascal would like the actor to play Fred Astaire in an upcoming movie.

Whatever the case, Tom Holland’s comments are similar to some of those Chris Evans made a year before he announced he was quitting playing Steve Rogers/Captain America within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man: No way home It opens December 17th in cinemas around the world.

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