Today’s solar storm: what time is it and how does it affect

The planet will suffer the consequences of the solar storm that will occur in the coming days. Know what it is and what the consequences are.

In the next few hours, Earth prepares to fall victim to ‘worrying cycle of sun’according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center and the UK Met Office. Find out what it is.

What is solar storm 2022?

According to what was announced by the body that monitors this situation, it was announced “This means that sunspots and flares will be more and more constant.”. So, if any of those “explosions” that the Sun is now experiencing were directed toward Earth, their effects would be felt here, in the form of a solar storm.


It is even possible that this will happen in the next few days, as solar activity is expected to be somewhat unstable, with light and moderate geomagnetic storms over the next few days.

Solar Storm 2022: How will it affect Earth

Solar storms are very common. The main consequence of these phenomena is the appearance of the aurora borealis.which can be seen at unusual heights. There may also be slight interruptions to wireless signals or power networks at higher latitudes, although in no way can these solar storms have direct consequences for life. While, Some satellites will have to change course to avoid potential damage.

In these phenomenaThe intense magnetic activity of the Sun causes violent bursts of plasma that travel through space at incredible speeds.

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However, a solar storm is not a concern for our planet, because it has a natural protection: the magnetic field. Thus, the northern lights are the flashy result of the deformation of this shield upon receiving the impact of these energetic particles.

Photo: E. Gibson/MPI/Getty Images

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