Today the United States Congress will vote on the billionaire investment plan proposed by Joe Biden

The US Congress will vote on Joe Biden’s giant investment plans on Friday

After several months of intense negotiations and infighting between Democrats, The US House of Representatives will vote on Friday on President Joe Biden’s giant investment plans.

The House of Representatives meets at 08:00 (local time) to Vote for my Billionaire President’s Group to ‘Rebuild’ AmericaDemocratic leaders said Thursday night. White House spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre previously said it was a “historic” and “transformative” project.

affected by the negative results of Tuesday’s local elections, Biden’s congressional colleagues on Thursday struggled to agree, House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, promised: “We will approve these two plans.”

time is running out. Struggles between the left wing and Biden’s more moderate party threatened victory That the president needs to revitalize his mandate. “There is an urgent need,” repeated Jean-Pierre.

Members of Biden's party in Congress struggled on Thursday to agree
Members of Biden’s party in Congress struggled on Thursday to agree

Most Americans accept Biden’s plans, According to polls, a study by Moody’s on Thursday estimates that these could create 1.5 million jobs in 10 years.

But Biden who during the presidential campaign He boasted of his negotiating ability thanks to his long career as a senator, He has faced struggles within his own party and is seeing his acceptance rates drop.

One year of elections

Before his G20 and COP26 tour, The president had already visited the Capitol twice to speed up approval One of his two star projects.

in the first place, A plan to restore dilapidated roads, bridges and transportation in the country. The $1.2 trillion package – the equivalent of Spain’s GDP – has the support of Democrats and some Republicans.

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The other plan, targeting social and climate measures, is called “Building Back Better”, Reducing childcare costs and investing $550 billion To significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions until 2030. But their efforts have not paid off.

President Biden's plans depend on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin
President Biden’s plans depend on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin

Returning from Europe, the chief, evidently impatient, Urging his troops to escalate, saying, “Democrats are nowhere near finalizing and passing it.” These plans, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer responded on Thursday.

but Their fate depends on a Democrat who currently refuses to support them, Senator Joe Manchin. West Virginia. Because of the weak Democratic majority in the Senate, this legislator actually has a veto over these laws.

Thursday morning He reiterated his concern about the impact on US public debt and inflation. In his state, which is one of the poorest in the United States, he said in a series CNN.

It is a way to denounce the excessive spending of your party, which He is accused of not knowing how to measure the pulse of the country that he lost control of Virginia on Tuesday, A case in which Biden easily won the 2020 presidential election.

The elections in Virginia were seen as a rehearsal for the upcoming vote. Country The midterm legislative elections will be held in November 2022. Biden’s party Facing the possibility of losing control of both cameras, Which would make it more difficult to pass any major reform.

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