TikTok has been fined in the UK for allowing a large number of children under the age of 13 to use the app

Tik Tok He is back in the spotlight. If, a month ago, Brussels questioned its cybersecurity policies and banned its use for workers in European CommissionAnd now the Asian company is facing a new setback. United kingdom He’s been fined 14.4 million euros For a series of violations related to data protection law.

The British Information Commissioner’s Office considers the use to be illegal Personal data of minors that promote Tik Tok. The agency estimates that the company authorized up to 1.4 million Children under the age of 13 They used the tool in 2020, despite the fact that their rules forbid registration with such young ages.

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English language law Data protection It states that organizations that use personal information when they provide services to children under the age of 13 must request parental consent or teachers. In this case, the Chinese company has not responded despite having received many notifications warning that hundreds of thousands of children are using the platform.

“We have rules in place for Protect the safety of our children In the digital and physical world. Not achieved by TikTokexplained the department’s information commissioner, John Edwards.They didn’t do enough to make sure who was using the appShe added.

This punishment comes after the government United kingdom Ban in March installation Tik Tok On official mobile phones with privacy reasons. Misbehavior of the platform, which can be Tracked over a million minors The British “reflects the serious impact” of their non-compliance.

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For its part, the digital company says it is “considering the next steps to take” and denies the accusations. he Government overrule Rishi Sunak joins them United States of Americaand Canada and other European counterparts, who agreed to deny their public servants the use of the app on company devices. Tik Tok Deny it’s easy to get to Chinese executive of its users’ data.

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