Ticmas educational platform joins Google to transform teaching and learning

Ticmas joins Google to improve digital education. The educational solution is certified as a Google PartnerThis will allow it to provide tools, resources, content and technology to primary and secondary schools in Latin America to enhance and enrich teaching and learning experiences.

Ticmas is a comprehensive education solution that accompanies students, educators, and educational institutions in digital transformation, Providing innovative learning tools, content and training for educators.

In a statement they jointly issued, Fernanda Montes de Oca, Google for Education Education Ecosystem Sales ManagerExplanation of what it means to be a Google Partner: Google for Education recognizes as partners companies that develop innovative education-focused solutions that, in addition, integrate with our products.And, as with Google Workspace for Education, Google Classroom, Meet, and Chromebooks. Our partners help us bring technology, content and solutions to schools and universities in the region to help them get the most out of our products and programs, so they are great allies with whom we work side by side. ”

With Google for Education and Ticmas, schools will have access Over 60,000 hypermedia educational resources and 1,500 instructional sequences Created by experts and aligned with the official curriculum.

Joint statement by Ticmas and Google
Joint statement by Ticmas and Google

Thanks to reporting and statistics tools, Educators will be able to see the progress of their students, and provide them with personalized learning paths. Additionally, workshops, trainings, and mentoring are provided so that teachers can make a lasting educational impact in any learning environment.

Viviana Zuko, CEO of Ticmas noted: “At Ticmas we believe that education is the most powerful tool to change people’s lives, which is why we are betting on technological and educational innovation to develop proposals for inclusion, equity and equal opportunities. We are convinced that this alliance will allow us to provide quality education to many children and youth.”

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Ticmas was born with the purpose of helping the educational community meet new learning challenges, combining technology, interactive content and training. According to his axioms, his main goal is “To be leaders in educational innovation, transforming and enhancing learning processes throughout life.”

Viviana Zuko, founder and CEO of Ticmas
Viviana Zuko, founder and CEO of Ticmas

Its founder is Viviana Zocco and has investor partners with international social impact such as Omydiar Network and Elevar Equity.. Today the platform is present in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States, and in recent months it has been integrated into other countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.

Inside the platform, User accesses a variety of learning modules with high-quality multidisciplinary audiovisual content, Which allows each student to learn at his own pace, which gives meaning to this new knowledge. Among the units available areCurriculum: Elementary and Secondary Curriculum, Project-Based Learning, Religious Education, Programming, Robotics, Reading Comprehension, 21st Century Skills and Dual Language.

In 2020, In the wake of the pandemic, Ticmas faced a challenge to help hundreds of thousands of students with distance learning, And achieve noticeable improvements in their learning. At the same time, thousands of teachers accompanied and allowed them to plan and create bubbles: groups based on the learning learned and the motivations of each boy.

for more information: https://www.ticmasgoogle.com/

More about Google for Education: https://edu.google.com/

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