Three tricks to upload photos on Instagram with the best quality

The photo was uploaded to Instagram. (Photo: Nobot)

Instagram It has evolved a lot over the years; It started simple Application from Photography And now he has Various options that can be used to create creative content, Thus it leaves followers infatuated.

Of course, there is a common problem: sometimes the overall image quality leaves much to be desired. For this reason, Infobae offers 3 tips Optimizing the result of photos for uploading to Instagram:

1. Reduce photos in Photopea to improve quality

In the event that the image to be posted is square, it is already known that it must first be reduced to 1080 x 1080 pixels. What is needed here is not to reduce Quality Nor sharpnessHence, you should follow this advice. For this, you can use Photo shopWelcome A free version is available on this site called Photophobia.

The first thing to do is Reduce the long side to 2160 pixels s Then to 1080p.

When it’s over, go to picture and choose image size, then put 2160 pixels On the longest side of the picture with the option Resampling is active.

After following these steps, you have to repeat them with the bottom edge, only in a file final size place 1080p.

Finally, when this thumbnail is saved, go to ArchivesClick export and later Save for the web. It must be remembered that the colors of the image should be RGB and it is always better to save it in JPG format.

Photophobia.  (Photo: Ginbeta)
Photophobia. (Photo: Ginbeta)

2. Don’t crop the photo on Instagram

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Most likely, it has happened to many users many times that when they want to upload a photo to their profile, the application cuts it drastically.

In fact the size Instagram allows the image to be 600 x 400 pixels as a horizontal image and 600 x 749 pixels as a vertical image.

When the image is large, Instagram will automatically crop the image, which also significantly reduces its quality.

What you need to do to keep the image quality on Instagram intact is to crop your image with the measurements previously shown by Infobae. Photopea can be used, In addition to any of these options:




photo editor



Crop photos on Instagram.  (Image: Thirteen Bit)
Crop photos on Instagram. (Image: Thirteen Bit)

3. Use the iPhone camera

The last tips to improve the quality of photos on Instagram is very simple but it is also a very common mistake.

It seems to be something so simple and irrelevant that many people let it slip without realizing it, And post photos they take from the app itself, in stories or from camera of the same thing.

What to do to avoid losing quality is Using the original camera Telephone. after taking the photo, It’s exactly here where you have to make the release To post it in a much higher quality profile.

iPhone camera.  (Photo: Latin Observer)
iPhone camera. (Photo: Latin Observer)

The trick is to post a photo on different accounts and at the same time on Instagram

– Opens Instagram

– Go to the banner plus (+) In the upper right corner

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– Choose all pictures What do you want to post?

– Click following, You will enter the department Release

– In the lower Various accounts can be posted

– Click on Transformation from the other account

From there, just press the button. mail So that the photos can be accessed at the same time for both accounts. This same step can also be used Send a post to accounts Facebook linked or even TwitterAnd If this is the case.

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