Three Little Popular and Highly Recommended Sci-Fi Movies That Take Science Seriously

There are many films that have managed to win almost unanimous admiration for fans of science fiction. Blade RunnerAnd the “2001: Space Flight”or “interstellar” or Alien: The Eighth Passenger These are just some of them, but there are many more. All of them share an exciting story, an overwhelming atmosphere, reliable performances, and above all, inspirational title. In fact, the combination of these ingredients has resulted in some of them achieving great status.

However, there are also other sci-fi films that are much smaller and made with more modest means that have managed to capture our attention with their originality. And also because they consider viewers to be intelligent beings and, therefore, are able to face watching footage in an active manner. Making a certain effort to interpret the plot and to come to conclusions does not always have to be imposed inflexibly through the plot line.

These films treat the viewer as an intelligent being and, therefore, able to confront watching the footage in an active way.

The three films we propose in this article fit perfectly into this philosophy. They give us decent and reasonably serious science fiction, although, frankly, none of them have the ambition to be famous. Its slow, deliberate pace is likely to be exhausting for some fans of the genre, but it is likely that those who are not easily discouraged will You will find three gems You will not forget it.

There is a statement of intent before moving forward. In this article you will not find spoilers. Just a brief description meant to help you guess if you want to devote your time to any of these movies. And in terms of science, as usual, the three take licenses and do not give up a good dose of the novel, like any of the productions I mentioned in the first paragraph, but they absorb. Integrity and balance Which is accessible only to the best films of this genre.

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Upstream Color by Shane Carruth (2013)

‘Or not’Carruth’s first film, Carruth surprised us in 2004 with a more complex and mature view of time travel than most science fiction films typically offer us. ‘upstream color’ It is his second film, and although it follows a completely different path than the one he followed in his first film, both films share Flirt with abstraction Which led some critics to consider Carruth a very worthy heir to David Lynch’s cinema.

The starting point of his second proposal is a relationship in which two people, Chris, played by Amy Simitz, and Jeff, played by Carruth himself, are forced into their lives. via a parasite Which creates a vital and emotional bond between them that they cannot let go. “Upstream Color” is full of hypnotic, cryptic images that evoke some of the sequences Terrence Malick gives us in his films, although above all exudes originality. It is currently available at two films.

Solaris (1972), directed by Andrei Tarkovsky

This is perhaps the most famous of the three films that we suggest in this article. After all, the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky is objectively one of the most influential and respected directors of those who developed their career in cinema during the second half of the twentieth century. “Solaris” It’s not his personal suggestion, but it is, nonetheless, a bar Complex, thoughtful and exciting science fiction. Exciting.

“Solaris” is not Tarkovsky’s most personal proposal, but a complex, thoughtful and exciting science fiction movie

Interestingly, this director stated several times during his life that this was the feature film he did not like least out of the seven films he made. Stanislav Lim, the author of the novel that this movie was inspired by, was not satisfied with the result either. Beyond the opinion of officials, ‘Solaris’ has been able to accurately depict the surgical psychological crisis through which it is being subjected An astronaut stationed at a space station It orbits a mysterious watery planet. Available in two films.

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One final note: The 2002 quote directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring George Clooney and Natasha McCalone may have been an oversimplification of Tarkovsky’s original work, but yes, Respect her original soul It is more affordable. Much more affordable. We can see a reimagining of this on Disney+.

“The Wild Planet” (1973) by Rene Lalu

The third and final film that we propose in this article is a French animated film for adults that skillfully sets man as the target to play and experience an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Draag. Its aesthetic strength, which is clearly influenced by the work of Salvador Dali, and depth of your message Undoubtedly they are. In my opinion, not a single bit of her 71-minute footage is left. If you want to give it a try, you have the MUBI subscription channel built into the Prime Video platform.

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