Three exercises you can do in the gym

The trapezius is a complex muscle group, such as Twin The Forearms This is the approach that is usually taken when training that is usually wrong or redundant in one of its parts. This is because its functions are not as clear as bending the elbow or bending the knee; Their jobs require very precise procedures and that It requires extreme motor control and a deep sense of it.

In this article We explain the rules for properly training the hammock and three exercises to do.

What actions does the hammock perform?

The trapezius muscle is a muscle located in the back of our neck and torso and occupies a large portion of our back.

At the level of the neck, its fibers extend obliquely and down toward the posterior edge of the clavicle, and in its central part it extends transversely towards the acromion, and in its lower part it extends obliquely and up toward the middle end of the spine. From the shoulder blade.

The main work of all meals My shoulder sagging, However, There are complementary procedures to this retraction that one part or another of the trapezium can perform.. We are talking about actions like turning, rounding, or raising the shoulder blade.

What exercises should I choose to fully develop the trapezius muscles?

Barbell push-ups and a wide grip (focus on the shoulder bell)

In the previous video, we can see how contractions are usually performed to emphasize the upper part of the trapezoid.

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To this end, we must do three things:

  1. keep your My shoulder sagging While on the move
  2. Raise or shrug your shoulders
  3. Emphasize the external bell nod to the shoulder

The last point is important because it is one that is usually overlooked. To let the bell go We need to separate the arms a little from the body, at least about 30 degrees. With a barbell, it is easy, we are simply doing a wide fist like in the video, with a dumbbell, we must simply try to keep the arms a little away from the body.

The reason is that our upper trapezoid fibers follow an oblique direction. Our arms should try to orient themselves according to the meaning of these.

Incline Bench Workout and Dumbbell Crunches (focus on shoulder retraction)

In this exercise, we must respect the three points we mentioned before but this time emphasize the shoulder retraction procedure, the first, By putting our torso in a position where we must fight the force of gravity for this retraction to occur. Standing on this isn’t very cool.

The ideal, as Christian Thibaudeau does in the video, is to hold out for a few moments at the point of maximum contraction.

Blasphemy seals and variants

One thing to keep in mind is that with all of the paddles, deadlifts and their variants, we can get a lot of stimulation on our traps without spending time specifically. Actually my advice is this, don’t waste much time stressing about swinging action if you aren’t really strong in your life. The paddles s Dead weights. A great appearance is achieved above all by the last.

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However, we can make small adjustments to the paddles to emphasize some or other parts of the swing.

In this way, rowing seals can be done with more focus on the latissimus dorsi muscle, bringing the elbows closer to the torso, as in the video. Or, we can also separate the elbows further from the body, near parallel to the shoulder, and emphasize the work of the middle and upper trapezius.

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