Three exercises to train these muscles

Hamstring muscles, yes hamstrings, Because hamstrings are usually wrong, Has a huge impact in many sports due to the eccentric load that usually supports it when running, or we make changes in direction in the race, land after a jump or simply focus on one leg of the sprint.

For the above reasons, hamstring muscles usually lead to many injuries on the field, the field or the field. That is why we want this article Highlighting the importance of hamstring training to prevent injuries regardless of whether you are running, strength Or even a team. We also explain three particularly interesting exercises for this.

What is the role of the hamstring muscles?

The hamstring muscles are made up of three muscles: the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus muscle, and the semimembranosus. The group performs the functions of knee flexion, pelvic inversion and hip extension. This latter function is performed to support the major brigades and Specifically, it acts more as a resistance to hip flexion during running or jumping than as a resistance to pure flexion.

This is why their training is key in team sports or running, as they are responsible for maintaining pelvic stability.

North curl

As we mentioned at the beginning, Hamstring muscles are more demanded in activities that involve running, Turns or jumps. This makes it one of the muscle groups with the highest injury rate in team sports, for example.

Among the reasons that explain the occurrence of these injuries They are the phase changes in running when our muscles go from eccentric contraction to concentric contraction, Which is known as the stretch shortening cycle. This cycle happens and should happen in a very short time but it is a key moment where most infections happen.

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This is why great exercises are chosen Eccentric load In our training program very useful for Prevent injury from this type. The Nordic curl exercise and the other two we’ll see meet this premise.

Scandinavian plexus It consists of performing an eccentric contraction with our body weight starting from a steady position with the knees bent. Dose this exercise because such observed eccentric contractions produce a Significant muscle damage.

Split deadlift stand

Romanian split deadlift is a great genre for several reasons:

  • A great stimulator with an eccentric nature in the working leg, which is ideal when we’re not done feeling the hamstrings work well.
  • The situation forces us to reduce the usual pregnancy so that we can achieve the same stimulus with a lower pregnancy, which is ideal when we are struggling Lower back pain
  • One-sided and asymmetric work, perfect for realization Transfer to different sports. In line with what we were commenting on.
  • Finally, it is an easier pattern to learn and grasp regarding the original mechanics of Roman deadlift.

The lethal lift of Romanian landmines

Finally, we recommend another type of Roman deadlift, but this time with a Para land mineAny tape fixed to the ground or supported at an angle at one end through which we can perform pivot movements.

The specialty of this exercise is that The load we carry increases the closer we get to the ground So in this case the eccentric demand is accentuated in the degrees of hip flexion that occur less during the race, which is ideal for Prevent injury When the muscle is stretched beyond its usual angles.

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