Three chains to enjoy running Valentine’s Day

This Sunday, February 14th is celebrated St. Valentine’s dayAnd the Known as Valentine. This is why we recommend three Netflix series that are not only romantic but have a twist that makes them even more interesting.

Gilmore Girls: Although it is not new but it is very good and it is on Netflix. She is Lorelai Gilmore, a single mother who lives with her teenage daughter Rory. They are both very talkative and routine. They live in Stars Hollow, a pretty little town, eat with their maternal grandparents every Friday and have their romantic stories over the course of 7 seasons with an epic ending. And the last special request from fans.

Chesapeake Shores: The plot mediates the life of a large family, all adults, in a beautiful coastal town in the eastern United States. The eldest, Abbie O’Brien, returns to the parent’s home with her daughters after the breakup and rejuvenates her with her boyfriend from school. The mom also returns, who left the family when they were children and confronts each of the five brothers, who are three women and two men, all very different and each with their own emotional issues. They have 5 seasons and it is very cute.

Christmas at home: It is a Norwegian series about the only adventures of Johan who does not have a partner for Christmas dinner with the family. We’ll accompany her on her search for love, sometimes comic and pathetic, in half-hour episodes and two seasons. His character is so good and so real, and so are the people around him, who make us laugh at the situations they live in. You will love it.

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