Three applications to organize your ideal sports path

Good weather comes and it’s time to start hiking or doing sports in the mountains. For this reason, in this post we have highlighted Three incredible apps for exercising alongside beautiful nature.

Watch the sentinel

It’s an app Roads and navigation For outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and running. Also, ViewRanger is famous for its maps. Detailed topography and the ability to download maps for your use No internet connection, which is great for taking it to rural areas where the connection is unstable. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

  • Detailed topographic maps: ViewRanger offers high-quality topographic maps, including maps from providers such as Ordnance Survey (UK), IGN (France), and USGS (US), making it easy to navigate difficult and unfamiliar terrain.
  • Route planning: From within the app, users can create and customize routes in the app, choose starting and ending points, and modify route preferences such as distance and terrain type based on their needs and goals.
  • Real-time navigation and tracking: With visual and audio prompts to guide users along their paths.
  • Share and discover ways: Users can share their experiences and discover itineraries created by others in the ViewRanger community, which greatly enhances the app, allowing them to explore new areas and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.
ViewRanger Hike bike or walk
ViewRanger Hike bike or walk



Komot is an application Route planning and navigation for outdoor activities, as well as the ability to create paths for activities such as cycling, hiking, and running. We’ll highlight some of the features below:

  • Custom route planning: Komoot allows users to create custom courses based on their preferences, selecting the type of terrain, difficulty level, and duration. The application takes factors such as elevation profile, road surface, and points of interest into account when creating routes.
  • Integration with GPS and wearable devices: Komoot is compatible with many GPS and wearable devices, allowing users to sync their route and navigation data with devices such as Garmin, Wahoo, and Apple Watch.
  • Share and discover ways: Users can share their trips and discover itineraries created by others in the Komoot community. In addition, you can record your activities and experiences by adding photos and notes, making it easier for you and users on future tracks to track them.
comote hiking and biking
comote hiking and biking



Finally, we can’t forget Strava, which is an app Sports tracking and social network Developed for runners and cyclists. It contains all the necessary settings for customize your process, Allowing you to record your activities, plan routes, share them and communicate with other athletes. Let’s meet you characteristics the next:

  • Route planning and participation: Users can plan and share their running and cycling routes, allowing them to discover new routes in their area and connect with other athletes, learning their opinions and the most interesting aspects of it.
  • Challenges and competitions: Strava offers regular challenges and competitions to keep users motivated and engaged in their sports activities and improve their records. In addition, this type of competition generates a kind of social network where you can follow entertainment partners and like the activities that others do.
Strava walking pedal operation
Strava walking pedal operation

In conclusion, it goes without saying that these three apps sync incredibly well with the Apple Watch, although you can use other smartwatches as well.

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