Thousands of swimmers plunge into the cold waters of Diamonds in the United Kingdom on Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a holiday in the United Kingdom celebrated on the day after Christmas (December 26) in which donations and gifts for the poor are promoted.

The origin of this holiday dates back to the nineteenth century, when, during the time of Queen Victoria, It was decided that when Christmas fell on a Sunday, the workers would have an extra day to enjoy their leisure time.

But what was an exception, has become another custom and celebration in the British calendar. This is how Boxing Day was born, which is like “Package Day” or “Gift Day”.

Among the activities that are carried out is football, but a new date for the English Premier League is being played In addition, thousands of swimmers flock to UK beaches to take a dip.

What is remarkable is that This activity takes place in the midst of extreme cold, with the freezing water temperature reaching 8°C.

And the remarkable thing is that Many of the citizens who drown in the freezing waters in the early hours of England, Wales and Scotland wear flashy costumes, After celebrating the birthday.

The citizens identified themselves at Perranporth in North Cornwall; Tynemouth, North East England; Redcar, North Yorkshire, Pembrey and Tenby in Wales, and Deal in Kent, where you brave the freezing temperatures.

In Scotland, the Aberdeen Lions Club organized the first Boxing Day Retreat, Tradition after activity ceased as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The outlet reported that “hundreds of spectators wore hats, gloves and wool coats as they wrapped themselves against the cold.” daily Mail.

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The publication notes that these activities It is also carried out to raise money for various organizations such as the Red Sky Foundation, which supports babies and children with heart problems.

“Julie Klein, 53, dressed as a nun for immersion,” the outlet reported, referring to one of the people at the event.

He added that I tried swimming in cold water for a month in November last year, and it was also for charity. But that was the last time I went into the sea. It was very cold, but it’s a good day and everyone is in high spirits.”

Among the participants at the London 2012 Paralympics was 400m freestyle gold medalist Joseph Craig, 25 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images) – picture: Getty Images

“The cold water isn’t even the worst, moss wrapped around my legs and I’m stuck. Then came the wave of our workshop. It’s for a very good cause and it also got me out of the house on Boxing Day,” he said.

For her part, Jill Pratt, 60 A Sunderland receptionist ran out to sea with her daughter dressed as elves to raise money for the Red Sky Foundation.

“The water is frozen over. I can’t feel my feet now. I did a swim in 2019 but I dragged my daughter with me this time. It’s worth it for a great cause. It’s for a local charity that helps kids,” he told the outlet.

Another participant was 24-year-old Claire Holyoake She was dressed as a bright red birthday cake. He was one of the people responsible for raising money for the same foundation.

“My friends texted me a few days ago asking if I wanted a last-minute dip in the North Sea. And I thought “why not”. I quickly searched online for a costume and bought the only one that fit me. He said.

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He added: “I usually take ice baths and swim in cold water, so I thought I was going to freeze, but it wasn’t too bad while I was there. The worst part was waiting for the shower, but once I got in, it was fine.”

Among the participants at the 2012 London Paralympics was the 400-meter freestyle gold medalist Joseph Craig, 25.

“The athlete, whose family members have personally developed cancer and who has received support from the Cancer Connections charity,” he said. daily Mail.

“It’s a great day, it always is. Seeing everyone come out and support the charity is great, and great to have Jade here and to see some good friends. The work they do is essential.” It’s really important for everyone because I think everyone is affected by cancer at some point in their lives, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or themselves.” pointed out.

The athlete noted, “Cancer Connections is a charity close to my heart, and always has been. My family has personally helped a lot, so I am always indebted to them.

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