Thousands of people in Spain see it and prepare for its arrival in America

March 1, 2023 / 10:30 AM

More than 10,000 spectators flocked to Spanish cinemas in the first weekend for the movie “The Sky Can’t Wait”, about the life of the blessed Carlo Acutis, who is already preparing for his arrival in America.

As detailed by European distributor Dreams Factory, the José María Zavala-directed film had the fourth-best average number of viewers per copy over the weekend of its Spanish premiere.

According to the distributor, the presence of the Blessed Mother of Antonia Salzano this week in several Spanish cities was decisive for the many cinemas that decided to double the number of theaters available for the film.

In parallel, the film’s arrival in America is already being prepared. The first stop will be in Mexico and Colombia, opening Thursday, March 2. On the ninth day he will reach the countries of Central America

The Peruvian premiere is scheduled for March 16th and the film will arrive in the United States on Friday the 17th, after which the film can be seen in the rest of the American countries.

To prepare access for Anglo-Saxon audiences, the English version of the film’s official theme song, translated by Louis Mass, has just been released. The original version in Spanish has already been watched by more than 650 thousand people.

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