This year’s solar eclipse: How you can see it

The solar eclipse that will be witnessed on Thursday 20 It is one of the seven hybrid eclipses that will occur this century.. This type of astronomical event is characterized by the peculiarity of combining different phenomena in the same event. Therefore, depending on the place on Earth where those observing it are, they will be able to see a partial, annular, or total eclipse.

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This astronomical event will start in the Indian Ocean and end in the Pacific Ocean. And throughout its journey, you will be able to appreciate the different phases of the eclipse that attract the attention of millions of people around the planet.

The eclipse that will take place on Thursday the 20th is one of the “seven hybrid eclipses” of this century.

The hybrid eclipse will move across the sky evolving as it transitions from one phase to the next. Meaning, if a person is located in the sunrise or sunset area, they will be able to see the partial eclipse evolve into nothing. For his part, someone who falls under the shadow region of the eclipse will also experience the change to total eclipse.

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In addition, it is not only known for its amazing gravity, but NASA remembers it It’s been nearly 10 years since the last hybrid solar eclipse And that although a total of 223 solar eclipses are expected in this century, Only 7 of them will be hybrids.

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How do you see the astronomical event for this year

Although it can be seen with the naked eye in some parts of the world, it will be in very specific places that it can be fully appreciated. For those who can’t be in those places, they will be able to follow the phenomenon online through a NASA-enabled broadcast.

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