This will be the red carpet for the 2021 Oscars

We wanted to tell you this: Finally The Oscars will be heldYes, in the middle of an epidemic, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic (even if he didn’t invite us, but hey, here we’ll tell you all the moments and sauces in our Gala dresses). Since unfortunately we will still have Covid for a while, the most famous awards in the world of cinema have covered his head and security measures have been studied as if there was no tomorrow to get everything out of the movie. . But… Will there be a red carpet? What will the party look like? Attention, because we have a lot to tell you, it is time to turn on the TV and you can’t even find the remote.

Where to see the ceremony (which we never were clear about) and when to start the red carpet

Although, as we told you, they were two months late due to Covid (they were due to be in February), we will finally have an Oscar. In the early morning of Monday April 26, Well, Sunday night, so you don’t mess around, and the clock will start 2 am. As you know, set your own alarm. You can see it with Movistar Estrenos and Movistar + again and of course, In We’ll do the previous hours before that and tell you everything that happens with this touch so we know you love it.

And the red carpet? Well, we know, the red carpet It will be minimized and will be a part of the presentation preview There, in addition, five nominees for the Best Song award will be presented. Come on, it won’t just be a red carpet. We still don’t know exactly who will run it but what we can assure you is that it will be a file Face to face ceremony That’s a lot indeed for what we lived through from the awards this year, and if not, remember the Golden Globe mix, that if one is from home, if another is at the gates of the saraw … fuss, go.

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Where will they be?

The question answers itself: in the traditional Dolby Theater in Los Angeles With a capacity of 3400 people and Union Station, Los Angeles (USA) train station.

What would they look like?

The idea is that Assistants rotate inside the theater When their classes arrive, come on, they’re going to spin more than just a spinning top, you’ll see. But before the other celebrations we had to “be at home”, the organizers didn’t want to know anything about Zoom or the parties it captures from a distance. Let’s see how it goes.

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