This WhatsApp flaw allows you to block any account easily

If you are using WhatsApp there is a new security flaw You should know it. the East It allows anyone to block another user’s account By following a series of relatively simple steps. You don’t have to have it Knowing nothingJust follow some steps in good conscience. The error was recently detected and it is an Very serious problem This, if it becomes viral, could cause thousands of accounts to be closed around the world. the East Whatsapp glitch It has a bad solution, because not even the company itself thinks about dissolving it.

It’s very easy to block WhatsApp account today

As the failure finders explain, enough knowledge Whatsapp number For the victim to block the account. The goal could be a 12-hour timer lock Or also complete closure of the account if it is more convincing. All you need is a cell phone, a WiFi connection, and Download WhatsApp On this device.

We’re not going to show you how to do it step-by-step, because although you don’t want to do it with anyone, other users might follow steps to attack some people’s devices. Yes, we will explain to you what the idea is based on so you can think about it How simple it is and that it is available to almost all users From the planet.

With the purpose Log in to WhatsApp It is necessary to enter the phone number and point to the verification code sent by short message. This is where the key is Security breach Powered by WhatsApp. If you know someone’s number, you can try to log into the app and not get it due to the verification message that you cannot access it.

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That was discovered If you try to log in multiple times and fail all of them, WhatsApp is blocking the login In application for 12 hours. The victim cannot do anything, you just have to see dozens of messages arriving on his device with different verification codes.

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When some login attempts are exceeded WhatsApp blocks this login. The victim can still use WhatsApp because they have logged into their device. The biggest problem comes when the attacker wants to take another step forward and Account is permanently closed.

Just send a file Send an email to WhatsApp support It indicates that your account is trying to be attacked. If you indicate in this email the phone number, the company will verify that it is correct and The account will be closed forever.

The striker You will never be able to access a victim’s WhatsApp Or anything like that, but if you want, you can Close your account to never use it again. it’s a Whatsapp glitch Very dangerous, because all users in the world are exposed to something like this happening.

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