This week the International Monetary Fund will approve the second review of the agreement with Argentina

At the end of the meeting with Massa, Georgieva supported the work of President Treasury Palace Highlight, in a statement, “The strong steps he and his economic team have taken to stabilize the markets and reverse the extreme volatility scenario.

Georgieva added that “the minister expressed his clear intention to mobilize external support and intensify efforts to stabilize the economy and ensure sustainable growth with inclusion, within the framework of the principles of the financial system and the strengthening of reserves.”

Agency spokesperson Jerry RiceHe was expected in a press conference, last Thursday, that the technical agreement would be ready inThe next few days “and they” are all looking forward to getting this done ASAP.

Argentina’s commitment to meeting the goals set with the International Monetary Fund is reflected in the 2023 budget, which was sent to the National Congress last Thursday.

It has been included in the clauses, such as the reduction of subsidies, which are in line with the requirements of the international organization in favor of achieving the objectives set.

In this sense, Georgieva highlighted in the above statement “Basic fiscal parameters and policies to secure current primary deficit targets of 2.5% of GDP in 2022 and 1.9% of GDP in 2023, with a focus on better targeting of subsidies for energy, transportation and water, along with better spending prioritization and budget management. strict.

In the project sent to Parliament, the government estimates inflation at 94.5% for 2022 and 60% for 2023. It in turn expects 2.5% growth for the economy for the next year and a deficit of 1.9%, in line with what was agreed with the fund.

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This Monday, Chief, Alberto Fernandez, a meeting will be held in New York with Georgieva, after which the approval of the review of the fund can be announced. President in the United States to attend United Nations Assembly.

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