This week, the bill to create the Department of Equality will be submitted to Congress

Colombian Vice President Francia Marquez speaks during a symbolic inauguration ceremony in her hometown, in Suarez, Colombia, August 13, 2022. REUTERS/Mariana Gref

Francia Marquez, Vice President of Colombiabetween figurative verb to possess In section KaokaWhere is she from, I mentioned that week The bill will be submitted to the Congress of the Republic through that The Ministry of Equality will establish, Ministerial portfolio that will lead the second in command national government.

This ministry, which had not existed before, was one of the commitments of Francia Márquez in the midst of the presidential campaign, as she claimed that one of her first tasks upon coming to power was: The establishment of this entity in order to promote an agenda of exoneration of minorities in the country.

The Vice President has no institutional mandate (…) It is the task that he replaces the president in any circumstances that he cannot be present”, said Francia Marquez, in addition he ruled that He never hopes to replace the president And that this is what determines their work within the new National Executive.

It was agreed to establish the Ministry of Equality, and This bill will be submitted to Congress this week“I will work for equality for women in Colombia,” said the vice president, who in turn hopes that in the event of an emergency this will be approved in the Colombian parliament as agreed.

In the municipality of Suárez, in the province of Cauca, Vice President Francia Márquez was part of a symbolic event in which many communities of African descent, indigenous people and peasants participated. There, the second-in-command of the national government welcomed the participants to a country where “Human dignity and social justice.

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The remarks by the Vice President of Colombia came amid a work of flower-filled, ancestral rituals in which elements of the earth, such as fruits, coffee beans, cocoa and corn, which Márquez hoped to obtain, prevailed. “Mother Earth’s Blessing” For the next few years in the new national executive.

Today I am the first African-American female Vice President of Colombia and the second Vice President of African descent in Latin America (…), daughter of this city She highlighted Francia Marquez, who in turn promised to work for water in the Pacific Ocean and the nutrition of children in the region.

said Francia Marquez, after this symbolic act in Cauca.

“It is for me the honor to bestow upon him the Shield of the Cauca Circle, which highlights his national leadership in defense of life. Vice President Francia Marquez, here we are, count on us, because we have a responsibility to accompany you, if all goes well for you, Cauca will do well. Good ” .

Finally, there he also emphasized that one of the main issues for the national government in the next four years is peace, education, health, tourism and the Colombian countryside, especially in this region that has been hard hit by the armed conflict.

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