This unopened Super Mario cartridge was auctioned for $ 600,000

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An unopened cartridge from the legendary video game Super Mario Bros. At auction for $ 660,000. The game, released in 1986 for Nintendo’s Nintendo’s NES console, has been forgotten all this time in a desk drawer.

Auction House Heritage auctions From the American city of Dallas he said AP Agency The game was purchased as a Christmas present, but it was kept sealed in its plastic until it was found in early 2021.

“Since the production period of this copy and others like it was so short, finding another version like this one from the same production cycle under similar conditions would be the same as searching for a single drop of water in the ocean,” says Valary McCleicky, a videogame specialist at Heritage. Auctions.

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The company asserts that it is the best known version that professionally qualified for auction and also the one that made the most money. Another unopened cartridge produced in 1987 was sold at a heritage auction in 2021 for the $ 114,000.

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