This space simulator exceeds $ 350 million

Cloud Imperium Games continues to receive strong financial support from gamers.

It seems there are no limits to Star CitizenJust six months after the surprise announcement Exceeded $ 300 millionToday, she is back in the news to add another 50 million, so that her group becomes your thing More than 350 million dollars. An amazing character that comes in part from the hands of a little over three million players who have so far contributed two years to this massive sci-fi video game.

In November 2020, more than $ 16 million has been raisedThis new trademark was registered last February when it was a Cloud Imperium Games video game He added five million dollars; A number away from the more than 16 million collected last November, at the annual Big Star Citizen event. This steady stream of income comes, in part, from selling ships that players will be able to experience in this ambitious space simulator.

To encourage these purchases, the team is led by the veteran Chris Roberts It often gives new players the opportunity to try Star Citizen for free, with specials on some of the most eye-catching ships. The anticipation around the game is the limit, with quite a few eager fans to enjoy the ultimate release of this space simulator. When will it be ready? At the moment, we don’t have a specific launch date, nor do we have data related to the Story Mode campaign, known as 42 Squadron. Specifically, knowing the tremendous interest surrounding the project, Cloud Imperium Games has already warned about this No more game or campaign release estimates Until it is ready to release.

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There will be no news about the 42nd Squadron until the campaign is ready for its first show.“Only when all technology and content is finished does the game become polished and feel good about the controls”; Only then will we hear from this campaign mode, Chris Roberts said only a few months ago. The truth is that the project has not stopped adding allies in recent years, with the ultimate goal of meeting the very high expectations it has generated. Last November, for example, Star Citizen hires a new studio dedicated to creating planets And other improvements.

Controversy in Star Citizen

Image from Star Citizen

This good economic data comes shortly after the well-known controversy within Cloud Imperium Games, like some The creators of Star Citizen showed their outrage To force them to work during a natural disaster, unlike other Texas video game studios, which received very different treatment from officials. Chris Roberts’s study provides a different view of these criticisms.

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