This retro futuristic computer is made with a 3D printer and looks like an old TV

Do you like retro computers? Then pay attention to the latest offer from hardware designer pink chain: team with retrograde point A screen in the form of a hole.

The design was shared by Chen himself, who defines himself as a “digital nomad”, via githubwhere he posted a large number of photos and mentions of his creation, a computer with a motherboard framework and a circular 5-inch (1080 x 1080) LCD screen.

Cover can be printed Entirely in 3D The computer is compatible with the OLKB Preonic mechanical keyboard. “I’ve always wanted a device with a circular screen, with the product [Framework] Released main board and two-dimensional drawing. I finally had the chance to build one,” Chen tells himselfwho adds, by way of ice: And yes, run Spacewar! 🙂“.

In a way, its round screen is similar to the one in PDP-1 Flagship ComputerDigital Equipment Corporation’s first computer manufactured around the 1960s.

Sideview main board

Main board for peripheral electronics

Heroshot Station main board

Motherboard that you used from the Framework, keyboard OLKB BRIONIC IS AND AS FOR the screen It uses a 5-inch circular (1080 x 1080) LCD screen. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, which is good,” he points out when it comes to software.

To assemble his prototype, he used small Qin 5 x 2mm magnetswhile acknowledging that he chose this formula “for purely aesthetic reasons” and the set could also be assembled by adding screw holes and slots to include it 4 . USB ports.

printed terminal board parts

Main board isometric station

Ubuntu Terminal Panel

To complete his design, use a combination of pearl white and silver. The result, of course, is stunning, with a retro-futuristic touch reminiscent of old terminals built using circular cathode ray oscilloscope screens.

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Pictures | Pink (Github)

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