This mod was made with 3D printers and a joystick

If you dream of playing PlayStation 2 games in the park or on the subway, don’t miss this creation.

Pay attention to this modification of the plates, which will leave you with your mouth open. The user created a file PS2 Portable It operates at full capacity. In this way, you can fulfill a dream you may have, which is to play titles Playstation 2Whether you’re traveling or sitting on a street bench.

Some games have trouble loading, but PS2 is fully functionalThis work was made by craftsmanship Gingerovoz, which is a regular set of these creations that made the Wii portable the size of the Game Boy. For this portable PS2 I called out the motherboard for the Sony console and inserted it into a 3D printed case. after, after, Got PS Vita buttons and joysticks and a 5-inch 480p screen. In addition, headphones can be connected and have a battery indicator. In the video he explains the process.

As you can see, the console plays many of the most powerful games in the PS2 catalog, such as Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid 3 o GTA Vice City. But there is also a problem that loading games, through USB, is slow and sometimes causes delays in the process and also some other difficulties in connecting consoles. It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge advance. do not miss Blog de GingerofOz See more details about the process or his other creations.

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