This job in Canada offers up to 31,000 pesos Grupo Milenio

function for cook Displays 31 thousand pesos per month net And employment attracted attention.

The job requirements, while not few, are more or less achievable for the majority of candidates.

in this occasion The job was offered by the Minister of Labor and social care.

Through the Minister for Employment and Social Welfare, his dream vacancy has been offered.

If you dream of going to the province of Quebec as a chef, this position is perfect for you. We tell you the details:

What are the requirements for Canadian work?

page “”I am offering a vacancy for a Chef with at least 1 year experience in Quick Cooking.

On the other hand, you must speak English or, failing that, French, and may be considered a plus to have a job as a cook.

Below we will describe the requirements for a Cook job in Quebec, Canada:

  • Required academic level: Technical degree
  • Academic Status: Diploma or Certificate
  • Required profession (related): Gastronomy
  • Experience: 1 – 2 years in cooking

On the other hand, they are required to have this knowledge in

  • Preparing fast food
  • Quality and hygiene standards in fast food restaurants
  • Conduct inventories of food, supplies and equipment
  • Quality and hygiene standards in fast food restaurants
  • Preparing fast food
  • Conduct inventories of food, supplies and equipment
Mexican cuisine is the best in Latin America and the sixth best in the world

The skills required for the cook vacancy in Canada are:

  • incentivize
  • withstand pressure
  • Quality at work
  • work as one team
  • Quality
  • commitment

Cook hours in canada Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm.but may vary as needed.

On the other hand, the company will provide benefits to the workers, such as life insurance, group accommodation (rent is deducted from the salary), travel cost, and contract for a fixed period of time (36 months).

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the A job vacancy in Canada can be found through the Ministry of Labor and Welfare portal:

The Cook position is open from 18th April and will be on offer for up to 2 months.


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