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east July 13 It is World Rock Day, an annual date Celebrated since 1985. This year marks 37th Anniversary The day when this genre was recognized for its contribution to world culture as a result of a unique event, The Living Aid that was set up on that day.

People in African countries were facing a famine crisis, so two concerts were organized – one at Wembley Stadium, in United kingdomand another in JFKennedy, from United State-. Success was like that 16 hours of broadcasting In different countries, making it One of the most watched musical shows More than $100 million has been raised.

Among the groups that appeared were David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Paul McCartney, QuinnAnd U2, Sting, Phil Collins, and Mick Jagger, among many others, have been called up. However, did you know that in Mexico there is a day when national rock music is celebrated?

How was Rock Day born in Mexico?

in 2013Armando Manzaniro – as part of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico – announced November 7 as Rock Music Day in Mexico After an initiative came from L-tree singer Alex Laura.

To make it official, Manzaniro reserved a few words for attendees ahead of the second Autumn Art Festival, which he celebrated with Concert “The Musical Lottery” Where Café Tacvba, Botellita de Jerez, La Lupita, Ely Guerra, Moderatto, Panteón Rococo and El Tri were presented.

“With my years, I’ve been able to see the beginning of rock through Elvis in the fifties, and tonight is one of the few where a team like the one we put together can be achieved. I feel proud to see music as happy as rock ‘n’ roll.” Thanks to rocker Alex Laura, who came up with the idea that today, November 7, Rock and Roll Day will be celebrated in Mexico’, he said. However, does it seem that no tradition was made or celebrated?

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