This is the ultimate practice of reducing mental noise, one of the keys to our well-being.

He says Belen Columina That “when the mind becomes Safe place And harmonious in your day to day, you begin to do so Luxury cultivationHe says so in his new book The healing power of silence (Editorial Grijalbo). In this way Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Expert in Mindfulness and meditationhe Mind noisedispersion and rumination about different worries We end up leading to cases anxietyl Anguish or anger that traps us in the maelstrom of suffering, afraid or despair. to restore a file balance in our mind And in our life we ​​need silence and calm mind. “via Meditation practice Can Train our brains In utopias, understand the generation of suffering and how we can mitigate it.” He adds that we can learn how to “cultivate in silence that safe place, indoor refuge In which our mind is our ally. understand our inner beasts To show you a restored, safe room in our minds.”

Mental silence is the key to well-being

Through the practice of meditation we can train our minds to virtuous states, understand the generation of suffering and how we can alleviate them.

he Noise It is one of the hallmarks of our time. Not only the external but also, and mainly, the internal. According to the expert contemplation It is one of the most effective tools for Mind trainingMeditation is expertise. “There is nothing to seek, nor result to obtain, however Walking path. Do it with full sense, every step, every day. Without rushing or demanding, but integrating your practice at the appropriate pace for your needs. when Make it a habitMethod and technology will join your day to day effortlessly and with enough fluidity to discover the world from a completely different perspective. Much broader, more level-headed and more merciful.” Hands in hand with this Meditation expert You can do these two simple exercises to find: mental silence.

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Meditation to free the mind from worries

In this Guided meditationAnd Belen Columina Helps you train calm mind To cultivate a greater inner space in which to free ourselves from worries.

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