This is the situation with next-generation graphics

This amazing model introduces lighting improvements and new 3D modeling.

One of the Great video games From the past ten years GTA V game. The last installment of the legendary Grand Theft Auto she was Success, With More than 140 million games sold all over the world. The game has been around for two generations It will also be at PlayStation 5And the Xbox X Series s Xbox S, Which would make it go into effect Three different.

The game is still there One million players All over the world, thanks to the attention it maintains GTA Online. Although, let’s face it, a lot of bugs that keep playing the game a lot for it too Moders community, Which expands the game regularly. Now a fan is creating a mod for Graphics update And the technical section in GTA V that goes much further.

It introduces mode, too Changes in lighting And its creator considers it a remake, Since “GTA V Remake is not just a graphic mod,” as its creator Nb.Design points out. “It was more than that, I had to do it Form and modification Trees, plants, rocks, weather and much more, very complicated things and It takes a long timeHe explained It is not freeSince then to reach him You will have to support the modder on Patreon.

This moder is 3D designer And the improvements made look amazing, giving the video game a more modern graphic aspect, and it must be remembered that it was originally released in order. Play station 3 s Xbox 360 at 2013. The game continues to officially expand and arrived a few months ago Caio BricoAnd new content that Half of the players preferred to play alone.

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