This is the possible start five for Venezuela against Canada

Ivan Holguin Lopez / @ivan_baloncesto

Venezuela has only a few hours left to play its match against Canada, the last of the sixth FIBA ​​World Cup qualifying window for the US. A win over North America will give the Natives their ticket to the Specialized World Cup.

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In light of the historic commitment, we played to put ourselves in Fernando Duro’s shoes and give what, in our opinion, and according to what we have seen in the previous 11 matches, Venezuela’s five-start match today against Canada. .

What will be the starting five?

First, let’s turn to the stats, if we quickly look at 11 previous matches in Venezuela, we find that three “Vinotinto de las Alturas” players were present and as starters in all of those matches: David Cubillán, Jhornan Zamora and Néstor Apiaries. Something that would allow us to induce that they would play again from the beginning if they were healthy.

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Then, in number of times as a starter, Miguel Ruiz, who did it 10 times and shut out the roster, beat Garley Sogo with eight games in his five starts. So we’ll talk about these names as five stars against Canada.

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However, in the last duel against the Bahamas, Fernando Duro decided to try a slightly different lineup, with Windi Graterol starting his first qualifying match in place of Miguel Ruíz. So if you decide to repeat the formula, the initial quintet will be: Cubillán, Zamora, Sojo, Colmenares and Graterol. Something that could make sense to give a team height in the face of a competitor who already outshines them in size.

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