In the 1980s, Mickey Mouse House sought a teenage audience and experimented with projects that were far from their typical blockbusters.

in the eighties, Walt Disney He wanted to appeal to a new audience: the teenager. The studio developed some projects that were very far from its style, and around that time the only horror movie the House of Mickey Mouse has made to date was born. It is true that now the company releases titles of this kind, but it does so from the brand Twentieth Century Studios. This movie that we want to talk about was developed by Disney itself.

Based on a homonymous novel by Florence Engel Randall from 1976, Jungle eyes She has teenage heroes and her little sister. The two wind up in a mystery involving a young woman who has disappeared into the woods that surround her home in the English countryside.

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Disney was serious about this project, and in addition to Lynn-Holly Johnson and Kyle Richards, the project signed on Bette Davis. Although there was an actress who resisted them. Originally, the studio wanted her to play Diane Lane JanuaryThe hero of the film, but he refused the offer. Then they chose Johnson, a figure skater who had become very popular by starring in romantic dramas Ice castles.

The project had a budget of seven million dollars and there were some problems during filming, though they were going to get worse when the movie was released in theaters. Sometimes during production, producer Ron Miller would intervene in some intense scenes in order to de-escalate tensions, which led to tensions between him and director John Hough.

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Jungle eyes It was released in April 1980 and the movie seen had nothing to do with the movie that hit the billboards over a year later.. It was like this: The movie was shown in a New York theater and critics and audiences weren’t happy at all. Originally, it was going to start its theatrical run modestly, with a limited release in one theater and then it was going to hit 600-700 theaters. The response was so poor that after ten days it was removed from the art and Disney decided to change the beginning and ending of the film. This cost him an additional million dollars.

To change the outcome, Disney conducted an extensive “reshoot”. And finding the perfect ending was a problem. That’s how he exposed it Harrison Lynshawwho was responsible for the film’s visual effects and worked on titles such as sta wars.

“The movie came out and then it got pulled. The story department and the different people in the studio thought about endings. They put together all these endings. They were all terrible and that was part of the problem. They were left with three endings that were sent to the movies and history department, who created their own versions.” ” digital cinema. “When they asked me to join they gave me a bunch of those ends, roughly 152”.

Hough did not direct the new ending. This was taken care of by Vincent McVitie. The director, who is not credited in the film, was also behind the scenes filming the scenes with which the beginning edit was made. In its second release, Los ojos del bosque grossed approx Five million dollars worldwide.

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Critics, for their part, received the ending negatively. The consensus states:Jungle eyes It has an intimidating vibe and a strong performance by Bette Davis, however Its ending is so unsatisfying that it undermines everything that was built beforeCome on, even changing the ending Disney managed to improve on.

at the moment, Jungle eyes It is not available on Disney+ and on any platform.

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