This is the hardest moment Halle Bailey had to go through while recording The Little Mermaid

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A live-action recording of classic Disney films is certainly a challenge for actors, because, assuming the scenes and movements are recreated for all the animated characters or at least that’s what audiences expect; and the recordings to ‘the little Mermaid’ They were no exception.

During the movie’s promotional tour, the protagonist, Halle Bailey He conducted a series of interviews in which he revealed behind-the-scenes aspects of the ‘the little Mermaid’, Like the most difficult scenes he had to live through which are very representative of the original movie.

The film premiered on May 26, and in the first week of its release it is considered one of the highest-grossing films of the year, because in the United States, Canada and Mexico it is already in the first positions.

The most difficult scene in The Little Mermaid

During an interview with the actress and singer, Halle Bailey It revealed that it was one of the scenes that took the longest engraving It was the iconic hair scene, the moment she gets out of the water and makes a head motion to toss her red hair back. Watch the video here

“We’d been trying all day to get it right, and finally they got an experience they really liked,” he recalls.

Halle Bailey The 23-year-old said the reason it took so long was because, unlike computer animation, it was very difficult to keep the hair in the right direction, and even the hair extensions they used were twice as heavy when wet.

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“It was so much fun to do, but difficult because my hair is so heavy. I’ve had ‘braids’ since I was five and they look like wool when they get wet, so they get heavier. They almost double their weight when wet.”

until Haley She explained that an assistant helped her fix her hair so that she could bear all the weight, as the scene was repeated several times.

“The stuntman was holding my hair underwater and then throwing it at me when I came in, so I didn’t feel a weight on my shoulder. So we did it a few times to get it right. It looks cool and perfect in the animated movie, so we tried to recreate it in real life.”


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