This is the glove that Meta has developed to make virtual things feel as if they were real

Reality Labs Research, the Meta augmented and virtual reality team, is working on various projects aimed at developing an experience Digital MetaVRs Suggested by the tech giant. One of these developments is a touch glove To replicate the sense of touch when interacting with virtual objects.

The parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp aims to create a profile digital environment It expects users to carry out all kinds of social and professional interactions, relating to areas ranging from gaming to business meetings.

Research was conducted on soft robotics and perceptual science to develop the glove.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of this project is to provide sensory experiences that generate a sense of the user’s presence when interacting within the metaverse. In this vein, Reality Labs announced on Tuesday that its multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and designers is working to bring the sense of touch to the virtual world.

The goal is to build soft, light tactile gloves that follow the user’s hand and reproduce a series of complex and subtle sensations for Re-press, feel, and vibrate, in order to generate the effect of feeling virtual objects.

The glove control system adjusts the level of inflation and creates pressure in different parts of the hand.

These gloves, for example, will allow the user to take virtual pieces of the game in which he interacts with his friend’s digital avatar and feels their ends, size and even weight.

“Although we are in the early stages of this research, our goal is to pair a pair of gloves someday with a VR (virtual reality) helmet. immersive experience Like playing in a concert or playing poker in the metaverse, and eventually using augmented reality glasses,” they said from the company.

To do this, the team is looking at ways to convince a person’s cognition system to feel the weight of the virtual object.

In this project, several disciplines such as microfluidics, white robotics, smart fabrics or manufacturing were combined, along with feedback from audio-visual and tactile technologies.

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