This is the future outlook for the travel and tourism sector in 2021

For example, it was highlighted in the document that the US, UK and Singapore could achieve the highest vaccination numbers in 2021, while Australia, Canada and countries in Europe and South America would achieve this until mid-2022.

The above bearing in mind that some international destinations continue to impose certain restrictions on the entry of tourists, so this is likely to be reflected in a slower revitalization.

There is encouraging news, however, as the volume of business travel is “about four months behind the global trend of leisure travel,” according to the Mastercard Institute of Economics.

In this sense, nearly half of US executive travelers (45%) expect their establishments to resume this activity soon, and by the second half of 2021 the levels reached in 2019 will have recovered.

In addition, the figures in the report indicate that in one in five countries (both on the American and European continents and in other regions) domestic flights are almost 90% above pre-pandemic levels.

Now, while airlines have seen a $352 billion drop in revenue in 2020 alone, numbers we haven’t seen in over a decade, road trips have shown a significant increase.

According to the cited trends, 25% of all car rentals in the United States go to interstate roads, primarily to smaller cities near beaches, mountains, lakes, and nature parks. A fact that is also observed in different regions of the world.

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