“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a tall guy, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.” – FayerWayer

On April 5th this is the premiere of “Super Mario Bros. The Movie” and from Firewire we had the opportunity to speak with several of the actors who provide the voice for the characters: among them, Charlie Day, the voice of Luigi. In a double interview, where he’s alongside Chris Pratt (who voices Mario), Charlie tells us what it’s like to be Luigi.

He was close to the character he wasn’t playing video games when he was younger: In Pandemic he played “Luigi’s Mansion” with his son. This actor, who often plays sexy characters, never expected that his shaky voice would match so well with the plumber in green. He also revealed to us that he loves being the “tall” character. And let’s just say it: Many of us believe that Charlie has a physical resemblance to the character, despite being shorter than Chris Pratt.

Read the interview below…

Charlie, players already know Luigi’s “Wobbling Voice” from “Luigi’s Mansion”. Was it difficult for you to convey Luigi’s fear in this dub?

In 2020, during the pandemic and lockdown, we played a lot of “Luigi’s Mansion” with my son. Then they offered me a “surprise” role. A bold personality is something I’ve done a lot, and I feel very comfortable doing it. I think it would be much more difficult for me to make a character that is tough or gritty.

How would you describe the brotherhood between Mario and Luigi that we see in the movie?

Very strong and real. Making a video game is a challenge about the personality of the characters, and this is different in movies. Here they dig into why we care about each other, showing us beautiful moments from the past and many more details of their relationship. They tell us “who these brothers are,” in 90 minutes, their dreams, hopes, family relationships and more.

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What do you think about the fact that they are plumbers? They are working class heroes!

Yes, this is correct. They are working class heroes and that is amazing.

Did you see the Mario movie in the 90’s?

(Chris looks at Charlie, Chris answers first, then Charlie.) No, we haven’t seen it, but I think a movie could be made with live actors. Yes, it can be done. Even more complicated is the rainbow path scene, but suddenly with CGI. It will be very difficult. And doing that scene would be rude.

What do you think of Easter eggs?

They’re everywhere! The lighting software knows all the details and they should make a list to find all the easter eggs, that would be great, maybe we’ll find one we don’t even know about. It will be a fun challenge.

The film takes place partly in New York. I grew up there. Did that have an effect on the tone you gave Luigi?

I can actually do different accents within the United States. But yeah, I felt more comfortable knowing I wasn’t going to be British. There is a lot of pressure in making a character as globally iconic as Luigi. You have to trust that the people who work with you will bring out the best in you. Also, have confidence in the reasons that prompted them to choose you.

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